The evil Plankton

Fig. 1: The evil plankton, threatening to take over the world

The foundation of an international movement against evil commercial plankton

The Road to Destruction

Long gone are the times of peace and universal understanding between all the species on planet earth.

Hidden in the dark corners of the seas, a certain creature has long awaited the right moment in order to seize power and control all living beings. Apparently, this moment now has finally arrived, for we are witnessing the first steps of the evil plankton's quest for world domination..

Help us to stop this madness! With the plankton gone all evil and commercial, we can only hope to be able to withstand its crushing economic force if we all stand together in this epic conflict.

So What is This About?

It is obvious that in order to succeed, we have to organize ourselves quickly. This website is to become the central staging point from where our resistance will fight against the plans of the evil commercial plankton.

Currently we are in the process of setting up a fully-functional system to help further our goals. Because some parts of our first counter-strike are top secret, unfortunately we have to ask you to wait just a little while longer before you can participate in the action here. Until then, please refer to the next paragraph.


Right now, the best thing you can do is spread the word! People have to know about the pure evilness hat tries to destroy us all. The more light we can shed on the commercial plankton's evil doings, the harder it will be to subjugate the human race!

Soon, you will also be able to organize your resistance from this website. So be sure to check back regularly! As already said above, sadly we can't give an exact date, because our first response must remain as secret as possible to the plankton in order to succeed. But it will not be very long!